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Help us build on IN THE GAME‘s ability to generate empathy, connection and concern for the issue of equal access to a quality education. Our hope is to transform these emotions into conversation and action.   

maria drafting IN THE GAME

From the Director, Maria Finitzo:

“Since finishing ‘In The Game,’ I have thought a lot about why there was so much opposition to a film about issues of equality facing young women in their quest for a better life. I don’t have the answer. Or at least, the answer I might have is not one I want to accept. Does the world really care that little about equality for girls and women, and even less so for women who are not rich and not white? In our country who gets to play and who does not is a yardstick by which we measure how close we are to achieving the goals of a democracy — a level playing field for all, or in a word: equality. I made this film, stuck with it through the good times and the bad, because I believe deeply in the endless possibilities that come with the word “inclusion.”

Guest blog: Indiewire,  June 2015  (for full article, go here)

In the Game doesn’t position itself as a ‘statement film.’ There are no statistics emblazoned on the screen. It is a study of one school’s athletic program and its players. And yet it feels more important than that. It feels empowering, even inspirational. You will lose some games. In life you will play some games that you never had a chance of winning. But the important thing is that you keep playing.” 

“…a poignant and often powerful study of hope and ambition in overcoming severe social disadvantages.” – Patrick Z. McGavin, Chicagoland Soccer

“Kartemquin at its best.” – Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader

“Wondrous, gentle, assured…compassionate.” – Ray Pride, newcityfilm

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