Reviews and Quotes


“For me, In the Game has impacted my life greatly. It has given me something that I would never thought I would get, which is the chance to tell a story that I thought people didn’t want to hear. It has given me the ability to put things in perspective and realize that things are never as bad as they feel. There were so many times, and still are, when I feel like I had the worst luck in the world, like no one can ever understand what I feel, what I go through even though I knew there were tens of thousands of people in the world that had much worse situations. Because of In The Game I was able to finally feel like I was not the only one, like I had finally realized that although it is true that no one will completely understand me or my situation, there is a whole community of people like me facing a lot of the same issues. It has allowed me to actually see what I already knew. It has not only given me the chance to shine a light upon issues that are invisible to most, but it has given me the chance to go back to school and better myself as a person and that is something that is priceless for me.” 
–    A L I C I A ,   F E A T U R E D   I N   I N   T H E   G A M E

“Since the beginning of filming to the very last In the Game viewing I’ve attended, my life has been impacted in such a powerful, unexplainable way. It has motivated me to continue forward at a fast and efficient pace. After seeing the reactions of every person that sat next to me at these viewings it has motivated me to continue so I can motivate them even when there are no cameras or audience around. Stan motivated and cheered me on through high school, Maria Finitzo motivated me after high school till graduation and blessed me with Diane Quon and Mary Morrissette to help me continue to fulfill the goals I set. I’m glad all four of these marvelous people are a part of my Power House that continue to feed me with knowledge, wise words of encouragement and lots of unconditional love. I want everyone to learn that the key to success is truly never giving up. It doesn’t mean we can ever stop trying. It’s always a plus to build a great team that won’t let you fall and if you stumble they will be there to cheer you back up. I am beyond blessed and I will be forever grateful of all the support we are receiving from every viewer. In a way, this documentary will always show every viewer a reflection of themselves or someone they once knew. Love you all.”
–   E L I Z A B E T H ,   F E A T U R E D   I N   I N   T H E   G A M E



“In the Game reveals the struggles and obstacles that many Latino/a students face in their educational journeys. As DePaul’s student body contains increasing numbers of Latino/a students from the Chicago area (demographics are expected to increase up to 87% in the next decade), telling these stories has become even more critical, impacting the lives of our own students and explaing to them that their experiences are valid and influential. The girls from the film show perseverance during difficult times, making their narratives that much more significant and worth telling.”
–   A D M I N I S T R A T O R,   D E P A U L   U N I V E R S I T Y,   L A T I N   A M E R I C A N   A N D   L A T I N O   S T U D I E S

“The educational value over-exceeded our expectations. Students were engaged throughout the documentary and felt a personal connection to the students in the film. Many times they get so engulfed in their own personal neighborhoods that they don’t understand life outside their own fences. This film allowed them to see that many of us have a slew of obstacles we face on a daily basis and it’s ultimately up to us to make a change.”
–   F I N E   A R T S   T E A C H E R,   M E D G A R   E V E R S   E L E M E N T A R Y  ( 8 T H   G R A D E )

“The message of the film is to never give up even after failure and to gain knowledge from your failure, to use that as fuel to keep going. The movie shows that you have to immerse yourself around friends who will support you no matter what. Those are true friends.”
–   S T U D E N T,   M E D G A R   E V E R S   E L E M E N T A R Y   ( 8 T H   G R A D E )

“This winter (2016), I offered an undergraduate seminar titled Talk Show: The Q&A from Plato to Fallon in DePaul’s Liberal Studies Program (LSP). Students were asked to take a multi-disciplinary approach to the Q&A via journalism, pop culture, philosophy, and documentary film. To explore the latter, we were lucky enough to screen Kartemquin Films’ “In the Game” and have Maria Finitzo in as a guest speaker. The students were preparing to make their own five-minute documentary films. “In the Game” gave them a model for how to structure their interviews and approach writing treatments for their films. Maria did the rest. She’s a commanding presence and knows how to draw out students and get them thinking and talking about interviews, documentary film, and their own work. As a result of the experience, my students developed a more advanced understanding of how to use the Q&A and documentary filmmaking as a way to connect with people/their subjects and explore a topic or issue that’s important to them.  
–   L E C T U R E R,   D E P A U L   U N I V E R S I T Y

“The film focuses on perseverance, teamwork, resiliency and those make great topics of study.”
–   L A N G U A G E   A R T S   &   S O C I A L   S C I E N C E   T E A C H E R,   C O L U M B U S   E L E M E N T A R Y   ( 8 T H   G R A D E )

“I cried. I cried a lot. I cried initially because the story seemed so familiar. I teach at a school located in a neighborhood very similar to Brighton Park. Our students face many of the same challenges…I also cried with joy at the beauty of the familial relationships that develop between the young women who participated on the team. The love between all of the players and the coach seemed truly genuine. I hope my students can remember this film as they begin their new futures and that the emotional impact inspires them to join a family in high school, whether it is sports or any of the dozens of other possible groups that exist.”
–   T E A C H E R,   O R O Z C O   A C A D E M Y



“A deeply empowering work… an intimate labor of love and a poignant and often powerful study of hope and ambition in overcoming severe social disadvantages.” (read more…)
–  P A T R I C K   Z .   M c G A V I N   /   C H I C A G O L A N D S O C C E R . O R G

“In the Game doesn’t position itself as a ‘statement film.’ There are no statistics emblazoned on the screen. It is a study of one school’s athletic program and its players. And yet it feels more important than that. It feels empowering, even inspirational. You will lose some games. In life you will play some games that you never had a chance of winning. But the important thing is that you keep playing.” (read more…)
–   B R I A N   T A L L E R I C O   /   R O G E R E B E R T . C O M

“Powerful, humane and compelling.” (read more…)
–   S T E V E   F R A N K L I N   /   C H I C A G O I S T H E W O R L D . O R G

“Inspires warm admiration for the subjects while stirring up rousing anger at our city’s social inequality—Kartemquin at its best.” (read more…)
–   B E N   S A C H S   /   C H I C A G O R E A D E R . C O M

“Wondrous… gentle, assured, compassionate, left me softly thunderstruck.” (read more…)
–   N E W C I T Y F I L M . C O M

“A thoughtful reflection on race, gender, and poverty.” (read more…)
–   A N D R E W   S .   V A R G A S   /   R E M E Z C L A . C O M